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What We Use

What We Use

HP Latex 365

The 365 is a versatile latex printer that has the speed of a smaller printer, while also having the substrate capabilities of the larger printers. However it still has a maximum printing width of 62″, the 365 has been by far the greatest addition to our lineup that has allowed us to make even the tightest of deadlines. For more information click here

HP Latex L65500

Our Latex L65500 is our medium sized printer that we have dubbed “The Unbreakable”, Its not the fastest printer, or the biggest. But this machine has never let us down and has bailed us out numerous times. For More Information click here

HP Latex 3200

The 3200 is our workhorse, Top of the line quality and speed. Its basically the Ferrari of the printing world, and well it should since it costed the same :p… with a massive printing capacity of over 10ft and the ability to print of 150ft in under an hour, this printer is a game changer. For more information click here.